Deciding what to wear for your session can seem like a huge chore.  Don't forget to check your closet first!  We always communication with our clients that wardrobe is an ESSENTIAL piece of the puzzle as we work together to create your portrait art.  We encourage all our clients to feel free to email or text us (sometimes right from the store!) if they want our opinion on an item of clothing.  Choosing the right outfits can really make or break the session (no pressure right?).  Wardrobe is provided for maternity sessions, but we still need to coordinate your significant other and children.  Don't worry, we will be there to assist with wardrobe choices to make sure you get the best out of your luxury portrait session.

Here are a few tips as you go about trying to put together outfits for all of your family members.


When in doubt, start with mom.  I know from experience that it is by far more difficult for me to find something I feel that I look fabulous in than my son (who look fabulous in anything) or my husband (who looks amazing in just a pair of jeans and any shirt!)  So mom, find something in your closet or purchase something you love and go from there.

Coordinate, don’t match.  You know those pictures of a whole family wearing jeans and a white shirt (usually barefoot on a beach?)  Yeah, we don’t want that.  Pick a color scheme featuring one primary color, one secondary color and have all the outfits draw from those colors but in differing ways.  


Don’t shy away from mixing in patterns and stripes.  As long as there is a color scheme, it will look wonderful!  The only thing to be conscious of using this method is that there is a balance among family members - you don’t want one person’s outfit to be exponentially bolder than another.  Plaids, polkadots, florals, and stripes can be overwhelming when all paired together, but mixing them up in a few patterns here and there are another great way to add some interest to your photo session. 

Keep it simple. Please avoid logos, characters and anything else that will date your images.  Our goal is to create timeless images, ones that you will be proud to have hanging on your walls for generations!

Details Details Details…Shoes matter!  PLEASE don’t spend your hard earned money and precious time putting together the perfect outfits and then show up on picture day with the children in light-up sneakers or something similarly incongruous with the timeless look we are trying to achieve.  It’s happened more times than we can count and promise you, they will stick out like a sore thumb in the images.

Accessorize! It’s hard to overstate how the simple addition of necklace for mom, a hair bow for girls, or a cute hat or suspenders for boys can take an image from okay to the perfect touch!  


Layer. The more layers, the better. Sweaters, scarves, jewelry, blazer layers create visual interest and add texture throughout your photographs. They're a great addition!

Start with the goal in mind.  If you are having a hard time narrowing down a color scheme, think of the room that you eventually wish to hang your portraits in and what would complement the decor in that room.  If you have all neutrals that could go with anything, take a look in your closet:  Chances are you already gravitate towards certain colors but just don’t know it!

Use one source.  If you are starting from scratch and going shopping, it can really help to choose a store that carries men’s, women’s and children’s clothes such as Zara, H&M (my personal favorite), Gap or Old Navy.  Every brand has a color story that it works with each season, and your chances of finding outfits that coordinate with each other will greatly increase by shopping in the same store.

When in doubt bring it all!  We love it! It gives us the chance to go through everything together and come up with several great looks.

For those of you who like visual inspiration, here are a few examples of sessions I’ve done where wardrobe was spot on, and I’ve commented on why it works:

Fall - Nothing like the beautiful Fayetteville, NC fall foliage.  The turning leaves from green to red, orange, yellow, and brown. See what they did there?


They started with a cute little plaid shirt for baby boy, and everyone else picked a color off of his shirt to wear with a pair of jeans and cute fall boots.  While all the boys are wearing shoes, they are really nice casual shoes that compliment their outfits.  Mom added a necklace, big sister wore a textured sweater, and bog brother wore a textured thermal.  

We styled this family from head to toe.  Talk about luxury portrait service!

We made our way to Old Navy and started with Mom's dress.  As soon as we had her in something she loved, we picked a sweet little navy dress with light silver lines for baby girl to match Mom.  Big brother wore a plaid shirt that brought in Dad's light tan, orange from Mom's dress, and Navy.  To reduce the overwhelming prints, we paired big brother's plaid shirt with an orange/mustard V-Neck sweater.  Dad wore the light tan textured shawl collared sweater to soften all the colors.  

This sweet family chose a great palette for their maternity session. Pretty sure it's been mentioned before. Blue and yellow go great together!

There is a mixture of solids as well as prints in addition to different textures. We have jeans, fleece, sweater knit, cotton, and jersey knit. Can we just say how adorable little brother looks with his suspenders? Well, he looks absolutely adorable! 

These two little ones have been friends since they were one. Their outfits for sessions are always coordinating. Blue, pink, and ivory go so well together for spring.


 Her dress has a nice texture to it, and she wore a pink headband and bracelet to match his shorts.