Why Choose Prints Over Digitals?

Your love story does not end with your engagement or wedding.  

Marriage is many things.  Families come in all shapes and sizes. They grow, shrink, and transform in the blink of an eye.  They are all accompanied with a unique and beautiful love story.  My goal is to help families capture and preserve beautiful moments from their lives & transform them into heirloom wall art to be remembered and passed on for years to come.


What better way to decorate your walls & tables than with beautiful portrait art of your loved ones?  Your memories are so precious and time passes so quickly.  To have your beautiful memories captured in time & displayed for you to see, remember and smile at every single day - that is, after all, what photography is all about!  


My goal is to create custom art work for my clients to treasure for many years and to pass on to future generations. I understand that artistic portraiture can be an investment. An average Leandra Perez Photography client typically invests $600 – $3,000+ in their custom artwork. I work with families of all budgets through various payment plans. 


Why Print?

Like wedding photos, family portraits are an investment. This choice is personal and it is one that endures. This is a time to follow your heart.  


In today's digital age, we reassure ourselves that our priceless memories are safely filed away in our mobile phones and on various drives and ease that feeling of guilt that pops up every so often by telling ourselves that we will print them "one day."  

Unfortunately, while we are the most photographed generation, we are going to be a generation with more lost memories than any other.  


In our digital era, we have seen technology advance so very quickly. We have moved away from giant floppy discs, quickly past hard discs to CD drives, and now to USBs and hard drives. With technology advancing as quickly as it is, flash drives and memory sticks will eventually be inaccessible. Computers and laptops are no longer being built with a CD drive.

So, as part of a generation of which 67% of people admit to only storing their precious memories on their mobile devices, what does this mean for us? Well, it means that when our children are grown and we go to reflect on their childhoods with them, there will be no prints or albums to look through, laugh at, and recollect together on rainy Sunday afternoons. Your son or daughter will not be able to show their children what you looked like when you were 30 or have a photo of themselves taking their first steps. At least 67% of us will probably not have any professional photographic memories to pass down to future generations.

Not just Printing, Heirloom Quality Printing


Your children will never be this little again. You will never be pregnant with this baby again. Your family will never look as it does now, at this moment, ever again. Your memories are not just precious, they are priceless. The memories you pass on to future generations are priceless, and your memories deserve only the very best.

Not only do you want the best products available in North Carolina displayed in your home, but the quality printing available only to professional photographers, can simply not be beaten. These artisans dedicate their life's work to ensuring that your memories are printed to the highest standard possible, to be enjoyed for generations to come. This quality and beauty can simply not be replicated outside of our industry.

What if I really want digital negatives?   


Can you invest in digital negatives from your session?  Of course!  But my goal is for you to have beautiful heirloom art in your homes and in your hands at the end of your experience with Leandra Perez Photography. The best memories are tangible ones, and I think you will agree that there is nothing about a hard drive in a drawer that provokes a smile as much as looking at beautiful art of your loved ones.

If you are interested in filling your walls and hands with beautiful heirloom art of your priceless memories, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I very much look forward to speaking with you!


All portraits are printed on high quality paper for longevity and fingerprint resistance. Additional print sizes, custom finishes, and mountings may be available upon request. In the interest of fairness to all of my clients, I am unable to offer additional special deals or discounts except for those that may be run occasionally as promotions. For this reason, please understand that session fees, print prices, and business policies are not negotiable. Payment is due upon purchase.  

*All fees are subject to 7.25% NC sales tax
**Non-refundable Creative Fee required to book any session

***Non-refundable Creative Fee does NOT include digitals or prints
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Due to the custom nature of the products, all sales are final. 

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