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Fayetteville Family Photographer | The Borrego Family

Mariko contacted the Leandra Perez Photography requesting to schedule a fall petite family session.

We talked about wardrobe, while many of my families opt to wear clothing that looks “dreamier” and involves a neutral palette and long dresses, this is absolutely NOT the only look that looks great for a family session. It all comes down to your preference. I love colors in clothing too, and will help you coordinate your colors and patterns in your clothing choices for a look that is cohesive. Please, be true to who you are. If wearing a long dress isn’t your thing, then don’t wear one! Wear jeans and duck boots with a puffy vest if that’s what you love and feel cute in. We are here to personally help you pull everything together for your family - all you have to do is ask.

When we arrived at the location, we all had a good chat about the area and what spots were beautiful for portraits. We got started with our session, and Ayden was quite the ball of energy. He wanted to run everywhere and sitting still was not on his agenda. That’s par for the course with young children, and it’s my job to keep up with them. I used some of my favorite tricks for family portraits and just absolutely love what we created. It is such an accurate representation of their fun and laid back approach to life. I also loved their outfits. They all tied in really well with the plaid pattern of little Ayden's shirt.

At the end of our session, Mariko and Mando were exhausted from chasing Ayden around! Mariko was a little worried about whether I had been able to get any good family images. This is a common question from parents, because it’s often so crazy and chaotic for them that it feels like we can’t possibly be getting anything that’s frame or Christmas card worthy. I assured her that we most certainly had and that I knew she would be pleased with her proof gallery.

When clients view their proof gallery, they might have a difficult time choosing the images for their final gallery. Adding in a few extra images is always an option if clients can’t quite narrow it down.

Here are a few of my favorite images from this November family session! If you’re hoping for a fall session next year, contact us to discuss details and get on our calendar! I can’t wait to meet you!

Are you looking for information about a Raleigh, Southern Pines, or Fayetteville family photographer? Now booking 2020 family sessions. Fill out our contact form HERE if you would like a spot on our calendar. We look forward to creating beautiful and timeless art with you!


Hi, I’m Leandra, and I’m so glad you’re here. I love working with growing families here in the Fayetteville, Raleigh, and Southern Pines areas to create images that will be cherished for generations. Reach out anytime with questions or to plan your session!

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